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Night Reader is a new and healthy way to read your favorite ebooks on both, iPhone and iPad.We have developed a simple, user friendly app which respects your natural biorythm and level of melatonin.

During the day Night Reader is normal ebook reader but it changes at 9 p.m..
Our app will turn the display to red from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m.. So you don’t have to worry about anything other than reading. Your eyes and the whole body will thank you.

Why is that?
For hundreds of years our ancestors used natural light from fire to illuminate their caves, shelters, rooms and houses. In our modern day we often use our iPhones and iPads to read books before sleep. That isn’t right nor healthy for our body. Even when it is dimmed to absolute minimum, the light emission from your display is too bright. Also, this emmision contains blue color of spectrum, which affects the amount of melatonin in blood. When the blue wavelength (446 to 477nm) impacts your retina for more than 1 second, the ganglion cells transmit signal to the brain. The brain then starts to suppress melatonin. Red wavelength light above 600nm does not effect ganglion cells this way, so melatonin performs its natural process. Its beneficial antioxidant effects makes melatonin an extremely important hormone. Melatonin also helps you sleep better and wake up fresher. With this you not only live a healthier life but also you live longer.

This cone mosaic from the fovea shows percentage split of ocular cone nerves with 64% red cones,24% green cones and only 2% blue cones.

Medical experts recommend not to use a light source with blue light1 (display, fluorescent tube, or LED) 90 minutes before sleeping. With Night Reader, you can read your ebooks just before you fall asleep. Also your eyes will adjust to the dark.

How do we do that?
We remove a blue color from your display and replace it with red, this is best way to simulate the color spectrum from natural light - firelight.

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We are currently developing our application also for OS X, Android devices and smartwatches. Stay tuned!
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